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long leash
1 July 2008

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9 April 2008

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16 March 2008

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mean machine
3 March 2008

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28 December 2007

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14 November 2006

Recent Comments

Bruce on pencil sunrise
Nicely presented. Great photo

bet365 on pencil sunrise
nice shot. Good work

marek on pencil sunrise
good work .BRAVO

NicoleA on spirits in the material world
<i love it too ! the composition with the repetition of the same chairs and umbrellas and the framing

Ralf Kesper on pencil sunrise
I like this.

Ralf Kesper on hurtin'
Hey, that´s cool.

bm on hurtin'
thanks mate! actually, this is just a buddy of mine, having a rough hangover and trying to treat it with a bottle of ...

sylvain santelli on hurtin'
a very interesting photo to me, the gestures of the people are very evocative of a situation that looks like an ...

Christine Walsh on spirits in the material world
I love this! Great repeating pattern - and the title is perfect!

Hiro on the emperor's nightingale
Excellent night shot. I like it a lot.

Wiepkjen on the emperor's nightingale
Magical shot. The reflection of the moonlight on the water is so beautifull. Well done.

isemilla on unforseen

Nicole on happynew
sujet original ! ( dommage le parasite à droite qui enlève un peu de qualité au cadrage ) ...

klauSZ on devil inside
beautiful composition, very "natural" portrait!

Sonia Nansid on devil inside

Dgs on devil inside

cristoF on devil inside
j'ai une preference pour la photo de gauche ,le coté ange de le jeune femme. bonne idée de photo!

silent photos on devil inside
hahaha :-D

barbod on coming of age
very very nice

JCJ on happynew
brrrrrr!!! miss summer ; )

Stéphanie on happynew
Summer is definitely over now....happy new year to you stranger! :P

Ramalama on only time will tell
if its scratched in sand... Or if its etched in stone... If it will stand Or walk the road along...

Calusarus on lion in winter
A dream landscape !

Florence on lion in winter
I would give anything but be there. Wow. Paradise.

Ioanaz on lion in winter
i wish i was here ! great shot

Prospect on lion in winter
An amazing capture of paradise!

elmer on dad
C'est un portrait très bien mis en lumière. J'apprécie énormément.

Nitin on crowded places
Lovely shot - I like the blur around and the composition. A simple yet sweet and powerful street shot.

Calusarus on hello kitty
I like the PoV a lot

Calusarus on delicacies
A pretty "landscape" :-)

Calusarus on far beyond driven
5 stars for this great shot.

Albert Manso on firestarter
Nice capture!

Nishana Minhaz on firestarter
What a raging fire! Though small, looks powerful.. I love the sparks flying out.. And the silhouette of the chains on ...

B.Held on firestarter
elegantly beautiful

Calusarus on firestarter
Very nice

Calusarus on which way now?
I like the warm tones of this shot

Amirossen on which way now?
i prefer straight on that golden ground

Nishana Minhaz on unforseen
Looks like a partially saturated image. Well-spotted..

Calusarus on loop prisoner
Very interesting use of the backlight. The result is really nice

Albert Manso on call it a week
Great shot! Nice composition!

Gabor Varga on call it a week
Hát ez nem semmi...mondanám, hogy eddig ilyet csak képeken láttam, de ez is egy ...

Calusarus on social dynamics
Ice cubes ? A strange and intriguing composition

Calusarus on call it a week
Impressive find

Calusarus on diplomatic means
Splendid !

Self-Indulgence on call it a week
Great ice sculptures!

Fade ToBLACK on diplomatic means
Excellent shot

Calusarus on semi-final day
This PoV is really impressive. A great result

Curly on semi-final day
I love this low viewpoint and the pronounced tilt, I like your risk taking too with the tram bearing down on you.

Céline on how many loves make a life?
Love it, love the colours, the lights...

Céline on halfway
Well captured : )

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